SmartyCard Gazillion Entertainment

Additional Examples

SmartyCard Trailer

Short video introducing the SmartyCard concept.

SmartyCard Style Guide

Branding and Visual Vocabulary Guide for SmartyCard characters, user interface elements, and general branding.

"Donut Holes" Word Challenge Game

Prototype for a graded word challenge game. Use the keyboard or mouse to create words out of the given letters.

"Edit Wishlist" UI

Prototype detailing the user interaction for editing their wishlist. Drag-n-drop to change order or remove the item altogether.

"Change Avatar" UI

Prototype detailing the user interaction for changing the user's avatar. Click the avatar character in the upper-left to invoke the interaction.

"Danger Double Dog Dare" Easter Egg

Easter Egg offering the user a one-time chance to bet points for a higher return by answering a single question.